A wake-up call

Marriage Renewal

I came into this weekend not sure of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. With us approaching 34 years of marriage, as a husband I can say that out marriage was in what I would call “cruise control.” The WTR conference was a wake-up call. The marriage relationship as God has established it is not static. It needs to be nurtured so that it can continually grow into what God intended it to be. Thank you for a blessed and God glorifying weekend! Married 33 years

Real talk about marriage


So often, especially as millennials, we are bombarded by the best images and social media posts that don’t give a full picture of marriage. The honest stories shared this weekend by video testimonies and speakers helped encourage the normalcy of real talk about marriage. How refreshing we can all come together and admit there is room for growth in any marriage and walk it together! Married 1 year

Uninterruped space

Marriage Guidance

It gave us the uninterrupted space to have some much needed conversations. It gave us great tools to use in future situations and conflicts. And it surprised us by giving us so many reminders that we had no idea we needed. Married 15 years

God gifted us to one another

Marriage Renewal

We are realizing how God gifted us to one another. It was not an accident or a mistake. We are beginning to reconcile our dreams for our marriage, family, and purpose. Married 24 years

Laying a good foundation


We’re not married yet, but it helped us lay a good foundation for it. Can’t wait to come back after we’re married! Pre-married

We really needed this

Troubled Marriage

We really needed this getaway. The drift in our marriage had become visible and was getting wider each day. I have some new tools to work with and goals set to come back together. I’m really encouraged going home when I was discouraged before. I really enjoyed this Weekend to Remember. Married 20 years

Taking divorce off the table

Troubled Marriage

We have had divorce papers in our house for the last 3 months. Last night, we burned them. Married 6 years



This was a life-changing weekend. Our marriage was not on the brink of failure, but we had certainly drifted towards isolation. This weekend reminded us of each other’s value and the precious gift God has presented us. We have renewed our commitment and love to one another. Thank you FamilyLife for the Weekend to Remember! Married 28 years

Time to pause and slow down

Marriage Renewal

It was such a helpful time to pause and slow down to talk. Thankful for the great questions that allowed us to work thru things that we tend to let sit for long periods. Looking forward to launching out of this weekend as ONE! Married 8 years

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