Finding Help for Your Troubled Teen

What do you do with a teen who’s out of control? For George and Livia Dunklin, Heartlight Ministry, a residential facility for crisis teens, was their answer to prayer.

Your teen is in crisis. View Show Notes →
What do you do with a teen who’s out of control? View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

George and Livia Dunklin

George and Livia Dunklin are rice farmers in DeWitt, AR. George also serves as President of Ducks Unlimited.

Mark Gregston

Mark has spent his entire adult life working with teens and parents, in an effort to offer help and hope to any situation a family might find themselves in. Mark spent years working with Young Life, was a youth pastor for several years, lived at a Christian sports camp where he developed a home for struggling teens. Twenty-four years ago Mark and his wife Jan, headed back to Texas to start Heartlight, a residential counseling center for teens.