Scott Sauls

Scott Sauls is husband to Patti, dad to Abby and Ellie, and serves as senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to Nashville, Scott was a Lead and Preaching Pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City after planting two churches in Kansas City and Saint Louis. Scott has authored several books, including Jesus Outside the Lines and his most recent work, A Gentle Answer. He blogs regularly at His work has been featured in Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, Qideas, Catalyst, Leadership Magazine, Outreach Magazine,, The Gospel Coalition, and several other publications. You can connect with Scott on Facebook or Twitter/Instagram at @scottsauls.

Episodes appearing in

Pastor Scott Sauls coaches listeners with practical insights on using gentle answers in relationships. Learn the six most powerful words in a marriage, and how anger can actually help save a dying marriage. View Show Notes →
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Pastor Scott Sauls discusses the power of gentle answers in a culture of outrage. Gentle answers communicate, "You matter, your opinion matters." People don't get scolded into agreement. View Show Notes →
Christians are called to be salt and light. Are we succeeding? Scott Sauls believes it's time for believers to do a better job helping our friends and neighbors see the real Jesus in us. View Show Notes →
Non-Christians often give Christians a bad rap. Do we deserve it? Pastor Scott Sauls admits a lot of damage has been done in the name of Christ, and it's time we changed that and he has some suggestions. View Show Notes →
Jesus commands His followers to be great neighbors. Are we? Scott Sauls talks about what it would look like to live so compellingly in our cities that, if we were removed, people would miss us terribly. View Show Notes →
Christine Hoover, Barbara Neumann, Sue Edwards, and Scott Sauls talk about the value of being intentional in friendships even when it's difficult. View Show Notes →
Scott Sauls, author of "Befriend," opens up about his season of anxiety and depression. Find out what you can do to come alongside a struggling friend mired in depression. View Show Notes →
Author Scott Sauls encourages believers to pursue those who are different from us. Sauls reminds us that Jesus befriended prodigals and Pharisees, sinners and outcasts. View Show Notes →
Pastor Scott Sauls calls people to behave as followers of Christ, especially when we differ. View Show Notes →