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Masculinity is not toxic

Words Can Be Toxic; Masculinity Is Not

Toxic masculinity, the new term in vogue powering today’s cultural discussion, is concerning. The answer certainly cannot be vilifying masculinity.
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Toxic masculinity

Lose the Toxic, Not the Masculinity

The Gillette ad is just the latest in a series of negative narratives featuring men.
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Handling correction

The Art of a Loving Rebuke

When it’s necessary to confront and correct someone, do it in a way that puts a priority on the relationship.
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Mission using Stepping Up

From Homelessness to Hope

At the Atlanta Mission, men are learning from the Stepping Up video series that the first step to transformation is a willingness to change.
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Role as men

5 Assignments God Gives to Men

When a man lives up to his role, life-giving things start to happen.
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Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy

Remembering Truett Cathy

Chick-fil-A’s founder was a true patriarch for Jesus Christ.
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Declaration of Independence

The Courage of America’s Founding Fath...

On July 4, 1776, 56 men stepped up to pass a resolution that would cost many of them greatly in the years to come.
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Manly Men Guard Their Territory

The key to powerful manhood is taking responsibility for the field assigned to you.
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Men Encouraging Men

I know the power of community and I know the emotions of walking this journey alone.
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Godly man, manly man

Manly Men and Unmanly Men

Something good that God has placed within every male remains unreleased in most men.
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How Sexual Sin Emasculates Men

Jesus wants you to discover in Him what will truly satisfy your soul.
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Praying to God

A Guy’s Guide to Hanging Out With Jesu...

It really is possible to have a personal, consistent relationship with God by making these three practices a priority.
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Men Should Be Investors, Not Consumers

Let’s call men to being relationship investors—guys who protect the weak, bring out the best in others, and love unconditionally.
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What Breed of Man Are You?

We need men who will say "no" to more bucks when it means sacrificing our families. A new breed who will ask the question, "How will this affect my family?"
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The Masculine Mandate

God’s call to men can be boiled down to two basic directives.
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Men who act like boys

Men Who Act Like Boys

Manhood requires us to put the lure of adolescence behind us, face upward, and step up.
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Dr. Howard Hendricks legacy

Remembering the Legacy of ‘Prof’...

Dr. Howard Hendricks had a tremendous worldwide influence during a lifetime of serving Christ.
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5 Ways Men Need to Step Up as Husbands and F...

Like soldiers, we are called to do our duty even when the storms of life tempt us to abandon our posts.
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Birth of Jesus

Portrait of a Real Man

A real man knows where he is going.
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Men Who Won’t Grow Up

My father showed me that being a man involves taking responsibility for your choices, for your family, for your community, and for the next generation.
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Courage and Fear

What it means for a man to be the spiritual protector of his family.
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