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How to Reopen Church Now

As communities and individuals discuss the pros, cons, and restrictions to reopen church, one point seems forgotten: The “church” was never closed.
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5 Tips for Hosting a Small Group Online

5 Tips for Hosting a Small Group Online

If you're trying to figure out how to navigate hosting a small group online, here are five practical tips to help you get started.
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how church involvement affects your marriage

7 Reasons Why You Need Someone Else in Your...

You want to find joy and delight in your marriage. But you’ll never be able to accomplish this alone in the four walls of your home together.
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Finding your way back to church

Finding Your Way Back to the Church After Se...

How can the victim of sexual abuse trust the body of Christ again? How can we go back to any church body? Why should we even try?
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Why take your kids to church

Why Take Your Kids to Church?

Nap schedules, feedings, teething, separation anxiety, sickness, sports – when kids are young, it seems easier to stay home. Is going to church worth it?
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Joining a church

6 Tips on Joining a Church Community

Two years ago I moved to Denver.  I was pursuing the woman who is now my wife.  She was starting at Denver Seminary, pursuing a master’s degree in counseling.  I was working from home at the time, so finding work wouldn’t be an issue. I arrived in town on a Sunday, and that night EA […]
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Pastor appreciation

20 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

When was the last time you let your pastor know how much your appreciate him?
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Healthy marriage

Giving Hope to Others

Kim and I know firsthand the difference between a terrible marriage and a healthy one, and we have a passion to help other couples.
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Small group studies

No More Marriage Casualties

How the HomeBuilders Couples Series is revolutionizing our church.
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Weekend to Remember marriage getaway

It All Began With One Step

The impact made on an entire church started when a pastor and his wife attended a Weekend to Remember marriage getaway.
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Small group bible study

Building Strong, Loving Relationships

The HomeBuilders Couples Series has done a lot for our church.
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Authentic community

Building Relationships That Will Last a Life...

Authentic community between believers demands that the real you is willing to meet the real needs of others.
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